Dog Groomer Diploma Course

Learn to Style & Groom Dogs

The Grooming Academy’s unique Dog Stylist Diploma Course consists of ten days (Mon – Fri, over two weeks) tuition and practical training.  We restrict each course to a small number of students, as we want you to have the best possible tuition.  Plus, if you want to stay with us a little longer to build up your experience, you are welcome to.  

We have a very low student-teacher ratio for each course (max. 4:1).  Each of our students follows their own training path at a pace that is comfortable to them, so you will not be part of a group that is dragged through a pre-determined sequence of events, whether you understand it or not! 

If you are a group of people requiring this course (in which case we will structure a course specific to your group) please speak to us directly for course details.

Groom a Range of Breeds

We have a wide variety of major/popular breeds on our dog models client list, which require professional grooming skills and students will be handling and styling these dogs at various levels throughout their course.  We have a strong belief that students should understand the theory as well as the practical aspects of dog grooming, so throughout your course you will be given additional information in respect of the grooms your are undertaking, as well as practical instruction on the correct salon procedures for salon maintenance, grooming equipment maintenance and storage and avoiding cross-contamination of infections and parasites.

The initial stages of your course will include familiarisation in assessing and handling dogs (not all dogs are sweet tempered and co-operative whilst being groomed), bathing, grooming, drying, etc.  You will be given instruction on the correct use of scissors, clippers, combs, de-matting equipment and when it is appropriate to use each of them.  And yes, there IS a correct way to hold scissors, especially if you will be doing so for several hours each day!

Our target for each individual one of our students is COMPETENT AND CONFIDENT DOG GROOMER – and we have an impressive track record in achieving this.

Correct Handling, Nail Trimming & Ear Inspection

Students will be taught how to handle dogs and how to handle those which are nervous or aggressive.  The course will include ear inspection, cleaning and recognising ear infections and problems.  Each groom the student undertakes will include correct nail trimming and finishing.

Correct Breed Styling

As the course, and your experience, progresses we will be covering in more depth the practical application of more detailed grooming techniques, applicable to specific breeds of dogs.  To achieve the correct appearance of a breed, the dog will need to be styled to specific detail for it’s breed and the course includes instruction on how to achieve these results.  

Fully Qualified Groomers & Fully Qualified Teachers

All of our teaching staff at The Grooming Academy have the highest dog grooming qualifications, with many years experience in the industry (combined, we have over 90 years total grooming and teaching experience to draw on!).  Each of our tutors is a qualified teacher with the skills that will meet your needs as a learner. 

We believe that our courses offer the best value for money that it is possible to give.  Each of our students is trained to trim and style dogs and not, as we see far too often today, to simply ‘shear off’ the dog’s coat and leave every breed of dog looking just the same as the next one!

As a quality training provider we can offer all levels of training, from practical-only courses through to the highest qualifications available in the dog grooming industry today.  If you have any questions or require further information, or just wish to have a chat about your plans for the future, then why not give us a call.  You will be able to speak to someone with many years experience within the dog grooming trade and a wide knowledge of training dog groomers.  Our advice is free and you’re welcome to talk to us without making obligations.