AIM Qualifications
Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming

AIM Qualifications Level 3
Diploma In Dog Grooming

About this qualification

The AIM Qualifications Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming is one of the dog grooming industry’s leading qualifications.  The course content is flexible enough to meet most learner’s needs to gain the knowledge and ability to groom and style dogs.  The course includes knowledge of different types of equipment, it’s uses, application and maintenance.  Learners will learn about good canine health in the salon, how to handle various scenarios and gain a good knowledge of Canine First Aid.

Learn about Coat Types and Different Breed Styles

Students on this course will learn about the variety of dog coat types and the correct way to approach them.  A range of different grooming techniques suitable to each coat type will be presented and practiced, reflective of the Kennel Club breed standard for the breed.  Learners will build a diary of breeds undertaken and the skills and equipment used on each dog that is groomed.  Learners will undertake the full groom of each dog, from it’s initial assessment on arrival through to it’s final groom and discharge back to the owner. 

Why choose this qualification?

This qualification has been designed by dog groomers to enable learners to gain the knowledge required to enable the correct styling and trimming of all breeds of dogs:

  • learners have access a holistic and flexible approach to training;
  • hands-on practical learning whilst working practically with dogs;
  • gain essential knowledge of canine first aid skills;
  • increase salon management knowledge and communication skills for working with dogs and their owners;
  • gain the skills and knowledge to work with different breeds and different breed styles of dog.

Who Is This Course For?

The AIM Qualifications Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming has been created for those who wish to undertake a career in dog grooming or for those who have worked within the industry but not yet achieved a formal nationally recognised qualification. There is no requirement for previous industry knowledge, nor a requirement to hold lower level qualifications, prior to undertaking this course.

The AIM Qualifications Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming is part of the Regulated Qualification Network maintained by Ofqual, the government body responsible for Qualifications and Examinations Regulations.  Within this qualification learners will groom and style a minimum of 10 different breeds of dogs, creating at least 15 different styles – all of which are recorded for reference. Learners will gain the knowledge of uses of different items of grooming equipment and the skills required to correctly apply it to style dogs. All students on course will gain knowledge of management and communication within a dog grooming salon.

Learners on this course will gain a thorough knowledge of Canine First Aid and understanding of dog wellbeing and health requirements in the salon. Combined, this will give a good knowledge and understanding of how to approach a range of scenarios that may be presented in a dog grooming salon, either daily or on an exceptional occasion.

Units included in this course include:

  • Health Checking and Handling a Dog
  • Assess, Plan and Record a Dog’s Groom
  • Carry Out Styling and Finishing on a Dog
  • Promote and Maintain Dog Health
  • Welcome, Receive and Care for Owners and Their Dogs
  • Canine First Aid

What is the course NOT?

It is not a “watch me” course. Your learning experience will come from hands-on training in the correct grooming and styling of dogs. Of course, we will be with you, teaching you and guiding you and giving you the knowledge and confidence in the skills used – but gradually feeding you independence as you learn. After all, we won’t be at the side of you in your own salon (but we will be on the end of a telephone and still here for revision should you need us!).

It’s not a purely practical course. We believe that you need the knowledge to support your skills, for understanding equipment, for identifying parasites, for managing your business, maintaining good canine health standards in your salon, good communications and record keeping. We will supply you with the workbook and support that you need whilst you undertake the research and compile your portfolio.

It’s not an exam-based qualification. The award is assessed both practically and theoretically by qualified and experienced assessors who are part of our staff here at the Grooming Academy. All of this can take place whilst you are on course, by people you are familiar with and with instant feedback. So no waiting for examination dates and papers, no stress of having to ‘perform’ for a stranger who is an external examiner and no pondering awaiting the publication of results several weeks later before you know if you have passed or failed!

Need More Information?

If you have any questions or require further information, or just wish to have a chat about your plans for the future, then why not give us a call. You will be able to speak to someone with many years experience within the dog grooming trade and a wide knowledge of training dog groomers. Our advice is free and you’re welcome to talk to us without making obligations.