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Another Student Success Story

Purplebone storeWe are exceptionally proud of all of our students who take the opportunity to learn a new life skill with The Grooming Academy.  The skills taught can lead to a new career, business or even just an interesting and fulfilling ‘hobby’. It’s a big step and no small investment for lots of our students, so when we hear of fantastic success leading from completing our Level 2/Level 3 City & Guilds courses we like to share them with you to encourage and give other people the confidence and motivation to succeed.

One such student is Reilly Taylor from Preston, only a few short months ago Reilly was unemployed and looking for direction in his working life, having trained as a hairdresser and tried his hand at Canine Grooming briefly, Reilly (through no fault of his own) became unemployed and lacked confidence in his own ability. Rather than give up he consulted his local Jobcentre regarding funding for his course with The Grooming Academy. Despite the fact that Government and EU funding is there and available for any student who applies and meets qualifying criteria, Reilly was initially refused the funding.  Not to be deterred and aware of his rights to funding Reilly consulted our own Funding Advisor as well as involving his local MP, who took up his case and eventually funding for a Level 3 City & Guilds course was approved.

Reilly started his original Level 2/3 City & Guilds course with The Grooming Academy in February 2014 and sat his Level 3 exam only a couple of weeks ago. His own flair and a natural talent for grooming shone through from Day 1, the finish to every dog Reilly grooms and his care and attention for the dogs well being is a lesson to every student. It’s clear to see he is a perfectionist, seeing Reilly groom a Bichon (purely using scissors) in just over 2 hours to a standard of finish worthy of many instructional books and hearing him comment it still wasn’t quite perfect, brings a smile to many of our students and tutors faces.

So we are absolutely delighted, very proud (but not totally surprised) to hear on returning for his Level 3 exam that he has gained employment at the prestigious and top London Salon ‘Purple Bone’. Known as the ‘groomers to the stars’, Purple Bone is the grooming and accessory store of choice for many of London’s Celebrities and their pets due to their exceptionally high standards of grooming, care for the animal and stunningly fitted stores in prime London locations.

In fact, so impressed with Reilly are the people at Purple Bone that Reilly has been chosen to head up their newly opened flagship store in Chelsea. His interview consisted of having to groom 2 dogs (under close observation) to the high standards demanded by Purple Bone and their clients.  Both dogs belonged to the owners of Purple Bone (no pressure there then!) and one terrier actually now features on the Purple Bone website looking simply stunning. Both were completed with scissors only, no clippers allowed and the standard of finish was so impressive Reilly was offered the job. He now lives in London, earns a very attractive salary heading up one of London’s most prestigious grooming stores and his future with Purple Bone looks very bright indeed, especially given their plans to open further stores in Dubai, New York & Los Angeles.

That’s a success story!



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