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Sharp as a Pin at The Academy

clipper blade and scissor sharpeningSince we first started teaching dog grooming on our site in Manchester over 10 years ago, we were fortunate enough to have our cutting equipment sharpened and maintained by James from Truesharp. Unfortunately (for us, not him) James retired, packed up his Winnebago and headed off to tour Europe – we wish him well in his retirement.

Since James retired we have tried a few other trade sharpeners, with varying results but none that met the high standards we had become used to. One of them even wrecked several pairs of thinning scissors, diagnosing that “these can’t be sharpened”!.

More recently we have been fortunate enough to find a technically advanced company who are able to give us the exceptional service we had from James. One never thinks of sharpening our equipment being a technically advanced task, but it is. We require a fine cutting edge to work efficiently, the correct blade angle on our scissors, a smooth and precise cutting action from the mechanisms and no snags in the dog’s coat each time they close. Scissors which are not working correctly can lead to all kinds of problems for the groomer, including RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and muscular/tendon aches and pains.

So, we have switched our sharpening requirements to Sharpology, a professional business which promotes the technical expertise of “The science of sharpening”. We’ve been consistently pleased with their results, our staff and students notice the difference in the equipment from the minute it goes back into the salon. Even Georgia allows them to sharpen her personal precious collection of scissors! Why are we telling you this? Because several of our students have said that they have a problem finding a good, professional sharpener for their equipment and others have had similar sad experiences to our own with poorer quality sharpeners. So if you need your equipment sharpening and are looking for a good professional service they can be found at or call 07738 637393/ 07825 810594.

They offer On -Site mobile sharpening of your scissors and clipper blades throughout the North West and North Wales and a National postal return service, they can even lend you a set of blades or scissors by arrangement so you won't be without tools, tell them Firtree sent you, we have negotiated a 25% introductory discount for our former students!



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