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DWP Job Seekers Success

The Woofer Washer, West Midlands

A small number of students come to The Grooming Academy via support from their local Job Centre, who can provide funding for re-training under the right circumstances, one such success story is Tracey Jones. Tracy now operates her own very successful business as 'The Woofer Washer' in the West Midlands utilising a striking, head turning Hydro Bath grooming trailer.

Mobile Dog Grooming TrailerTracey Jones, mobile dog groomer, West Midlands

Tracey was unemployed but had ambitions of running her own dog grooming business, she approached her local Job Centre and with advice from ourselves managed to secure funding from the Job Centre for her course fees. After completing her intensive 10 day Diploma/City & Guilds course with The Grooming Academy, Tracey took her newly developed skills and her own determination and invested in a new, eye catching and purpose built Hydro Bath trailer. Setting up her own business as ‘The Woofer Washer’ and working hard she has gone from strength to strength, like every new business it’s not been without its challenges but Tracy now operates a very successful mobile dog grooming business in the West Midlands area from her striking trailer. The trailer contains all the equipment she requires day to day and using the skills taught at The Grooming Academy Tracy has every reason to be proud of her achievements.

A number of our students were receiving Job Seekers Allowance prior to training with The Grooming Academy and have explained that it is not always straightforward to obtain funding via their Job Centre. Although many people do qualify for funding it does sometimes take perseverance to persuade their advisor to apply for the funding for the training course. Some students however have found it is simply a case of asking, others have had more difficulty, if you are currently on Job Seekers Allowance and wish to train with The Grooming Academy for a new and worthwhile career either working in a salon or setting up your own business please contact us on 01942 677432 and we will be happy to advise you on how, in our experience, it is best to approach this with your Job Centre Advisor.


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