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Dog Grooming Courses

As a specialist dog groomer training centre we run courses throughout the year. Unlike some dog grooming trainers, where the student is restricted to just one course and it's specific content, we want to allow our students to leave with the most appropriate training for their future needs. Many of our students wish to go on to open their own grooming business (home, salon or mobile), whilst others wish to commence or improve their skills for their job. Other of our students wish to be able to improve their styling skills for their existing business.

The Academy @ Fir Tree is a professional, training specific, dog grooming training centre and so we are able to be quite flexible in accommodating each student's needs. Our experienced, trained and qualified teaching staff will be able to accommodate any requirements that you may have.  As a dedicated training school we do not have the restrictions of a commercial grooming salon, where customers expect their dogs to be groomed by professional groomers and expect professional results at every appointment - often restricting the hands-on teaching experience needed by students.  All of our dogs come into us as grooming models, for the purpose of teaching students and are groomed by our students under our professional guidance - where we regularly achieve better results than many 'professional' salons out on the High Street.

Please feel free to openly discuss your requirements from your course with us, as we can often customise some elements of the course content to ensure you receive the richest learning experience possible.  Select any of the links below for further information on our different types of dog grooming courses:

Dog Stylist Course      City & Guilds Courses      Refresher/Enhanced Skills      Specialist Dog Show Cuts

If you are unsure of anything at all, or need some guidance on the best course for you, please contact us - our advice is free!

The Grooming Academy Diploma Course

Each of our courses includes a Diploma, awarded on satisfactory completion of the course.  The courses are module based and allow an ongoing assessment of practical abilities, grooming styles, breed recognition, equipment usage, grooming salon knowledge and communications.  All students are given feedback on their achievements throughout the course and the opportunity to revise their levels if needed.  Under this modular system of constant assessment and feedback, students are not required to take a final exam, nor to undergo a practical test at the end of the diploma course.


About The Grooming Academy Tutors

City & Guilds teaching qualified tutors

All of our teaching staff are highly qualified City and Guilds dog groomers as well as professional qualified teachers. All students are supervised and receive training and support from our teachers throughout the course. Combined, they have in excess of 70 years experience in dog grooming and canine styling.  They have a close involvement with the canine world through grooming, exhibiting (at championship level), kennel management, animal husbandry and breeding quality Kennel Club registered dogs.

We run a training centre that is specifically aimed at training adult and mature students, so our course structure and presentation is in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  We can teach you in the less-formal circumstances of our specially designed teaching salon and classroom areas without you feeling as though you went back to school!  We're all adults, right? So there's no reason why all of us shouldn't enjoy what we're doing while we learn.

On selected parts of some courses, we introduce students to breed-specialist groomers. These are people who bring a particularly specialist input to our students from a knowledgeable person who has in-depth knowledge of a particular breed of dog (Cocker Spaniels, for example). Generally, these additional support-tutors are people who breed and exhibit in one breed, and therefore have an in-depth knowledge of that particular breed’s requirements and pit-falls. These are the owners and exhibitors who you see grooming and handling – and many times winning! – at Crufts and the other major championship shows each year. Their knowledge and instruction in their own breed is unsurpassed.


Finance for dog grooming courses

Help to Finance Your Course

Money Solutions UK give you the opportunity to arrange a loan for your course through a large panel of lenders, but with only 1 application form to complete! You can include additional items in your application, accommodation charges and even money for equipment and business set-up costs (if required) in the loan advance.

How to Apply Click here Input our unique introducer reference code FIRTREE where requested, complete the form with your full details and Money Solutions UK will arrange a call back to discuss your needs in full.


Student Accommodation

We are based to the south of Manchester centre, off the A56 at Sale. Any students who require accommodation can arrange it through us or directly with any of the local hotels. We will be happy to assist and advise with local hotel details (some of whom are animal friendly).


Registered with UKRLP
The Academy @ Firtree Ltd is registered with UK Register of Learning Providers: UKPRN: 10040217