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The Academy's unique Dog Stylist Diploma Course consists of ten days (Mon – Friday, over two weeks) tuition and practical training. We restrict each course to a small number of students, as we want you to have the best possible personal tuition. Plus, if you want to stay with us for a little longer to build up your experience, you're most welcome to.

Our student numbers for each course are restricted to a low student-teacher ratio (max 4:1). Each student follows their own training path, at a pace that is comfortable for them, so you will not be part of a group that is dragged through a pre-determined sequence of events whether you understand it or not!  If you are a group requiring training together (in which case we will structure a specific course just for your group), please speak to us for further details.

Our target for each individual one of our students is a competent and confident dog groomer - and we have an impressive track record in achieving this.

Groom A Wide Range Of Breeds

We have a wide variety of major/popular breeds on our dog models client list, which require professional grooming skills and students will be handling and grooming these dogs at various levels throughout the course. We have a very strong belief that students must understand the theory as well as the practice of grooming, so your course will include theory as well as practical tuition. For example, it is imperative that a professional dog stylist knows the confirmation (general skeleton) of a dog and knows how to assess a dog for parasites, recognise skin conditions, etc. along with the various grooming tools and their correct use and maintenance.

The initial stages of the course will include familiarisation in assessing and handling the dogs (not all sweet tempered and co-operative!), bathing, grooming, drying, etc. As well as a basic introduction to using the scissors, clippers and correct grooming tools.

Correct Handling, Ear Inspection & Nail trimming

Students will be taught how to handle the dogs and how to handle those who tend to be aggressive or are nervous. The course will include ear inspections and cleaning, training on recognising ear infections and problems as well as correct nail trimming and finishing.

Correct Breed Styling

As the course, and your experience, advances we will be covering in more depth both the theory and practical application of dog grooming and correct styling skills across a wide range of dogs. The course will include breed-specific tuition in the confirmation, correct trims and breed-related conditions in selected breeds that require regular grooming - along with general tuition and experience on a wider range of breeds.

Advice On Dog Grooming Equipment

We do not expect all students to be in possession of their own grooming equipment when starting our course - in fact, if you haven't yet bought equipment, use our range of different manufacturers tools before deciding what you prefer. We have sufficient equipment for everyone to use and this will give you an opportunity to decide which equipment is most suitable for you. (Of course, if you have your own equipment, you're welcome to bring it along and use it during your training course.)

We will advise all students on the equipment needed and possible suppliers - we have advantageous terms with some specialist suppliers for our students to take advantage of. Our facility is equipped with a range of equipment and you may wish to delay your final choices until you have had the opportunity to have some 'hands-on' experience with different manufacturers dog grooming equipment. We estimate that the cost of your initial grooming equipment requirements (that you will use in your own business after you leave this course) will be in the region of £500 for a basic kit of equipment, (plus salon fittings and equipment if required) depending on which manufacturer’s products you chose to buy.

The course includes an overview of running your own dog grooming business, along with practical advice relating to setting up and running your own business, promotional activity, staff recruitment, customer service and most things you will need to consider when commencing your operation - or when presenting your proposals to your bank manager!

Your Best Possible Start In Dog Grooming

Our Dog Stylist Diploma Course is structured to give you the best possible start to your chosen career path and we don’t compromise our standards or content. Even when you leave us, you will still need to gain experience for many months to come before you will be confident in applying the skill we have passed on to you with speed, ease and accuracy. We know you cant run before you can walk, but we’ll help to get you on your feet and taking your first giant steps to a very beneficial future – and we’ll always be here as a help and advisory service for you, throughout the rest of your grooming career.

This course is regularly undertaken alongside the City & Guilds Level 2 Dog Grooming course, giving the student a good knowledge of both the theory and practical aspects of dog grooming.
For more information, advice or to discuss your plans further, call us. We will be happy to discuss your future plans and the relevant training, without any obligation.


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