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Dog Grooming Taster Days

The simple answer is NO!

But, it’s not as simple as that. We have straightforward opinions on dog groomer’s “taster days”, most of which are not good. We believe that they have little value to the student, very few people will learn anything significant from them and the charges for such days are (in our opinion) unethical.

If you are simply being led through the preparation stages of dog grooming that you’re unlikely to understand (because you will not have knowledge, skill or ability to do any finished styling), whilst someone is giving an extended ‘sales pitch’ to you, how are you able to make an informed decision?

So what do we suggest?

First of all, call us. Have a long chat with a person who is not only experienced in dog grooming but also qualified and experienced in training dog groomers. You may find that many of your concerns, questions or reservations are those which others have also expressed. As professional trainers, we have helped lots of our students to successfully overcome some of the challenges life has thrown at them.

You are welcome to come and spend some time with us free of charge – from a short visit, a couple of hours or a full day if you wish. Chat with our teaching staff and our students on their courses, you will be amazed at the progress they have made in the time that they have spent with us. We believe that you can form a better opinion from asking questions and gaining first-hand information from those who have experienced our training. Of course, if you wish to have some ‘hands on’ experience, we’ll be happy for that to happen too – but bear in mind that you won’t have any previous knowledge or experience to form an opinion from.